At the Height of Battle Game set

Product no.: MTMAHB001

At the Height of Battle

This is our brand new game based on Asian Naval Warfare rules written by David Manley. The game allows you to replay battles between the fleets of Korea, Japan and China, focusing on the Imjin War between Korea and Japan in the 16th century. The era of Admiral Yi Sun Shin and his famous Turtle Ships.

The game comes as a box set consisting off:

At the Height of Battle rule book.

A fast play copy of the rules.

1/1200th scale model ships for the Korean (7 in total) and Japanese (7 in total) Navy's. The ships are white metal castings.

Painting guide for both Korean and Japanese ships.

Fleet Data tables to log your ships during the game.

Fire of Fire and Movement Templates.

Action phase cards.

Crew, Damaged and Fired markers.

Plus dice.

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