HMS Glasgow, Type 42 Batch 1 Destroyer

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Very fine model
from on 25/06/2019
Very nice modded resin hull, very little flash, as usual if there is any on these it tends to be on the waterline and cleans up easily. The dark grey hull lends itself to having its decks left. The masts etc are white metal and these had no flash at all. I just felt with this kit the brass etchings for yardarms could have been more detailed. There are no ships boats with this model, so it looks a bit sparse midships, and they were removed later when they had Ribs, which are molded on. But for early commissions it's lacking that. Later ones had the r2 phalanx midships, which could be modelled? Also this is the only kit with flight deck I've had without a helo, so you'll need to order a lynx if you want to model it with its ships flight. Lovely though and I'm pleased with it

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