HMS Blackwood, Type 14 Frigate

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Very good
from on 12/09/2019
As with anonymous, a beggar to paint. Lovely little model tho and the class was the first ship I went on as a sprig at Ganges. Cant remember which one though..
Nice model and the brass etchings are very good. I'm also improving on making the masts.
Interesting about the rails, I've not put any on yet as I think they are overscale and they look good without.
Very good
from on 24/05/2017
Just completed this model and am generally very pleased with the result. The resin casting is crisp, well detailed and captures the look of the prototype. Getting a paint brush into some areas was tricky and it would have been helpful if the superstructure had more separate parts. My real criticism is with the white metal components which are not great. Given the advances in both resin casting and 3D printing white metal has had its day and I chose to replace all of those parts with injection moulded items from the spares box. I also replaced the railings with those from a Gold Medal fret as these are a little more delicate. I'de certainly be happy to build more ships in this range and am in fact just in the process of completing a Leander class frigate.

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