1/700th Scale HMS Bristol

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from on 12/09/2019
Probably one of the best kits so far for mold crispness and parts. Looks superb. I never served on her, only saw her as a ship in company so don't know the detail as the other ex jack who reviewed her. However she is unmistakable as the Bristol and looks fine amongst the Fleet of Matts Cold War Navy. Unless you know her well, or your a real rivet counter, you wouldn't know the flaws.
Went together well and looks the part. Chuffed BZ
Adequate as a start point but some glaring errors
from on 10/01/2018
Having spent time on the real ship , I know it quite well. As this is the only rendition of Bristol around it a good start point and applaud MT for releasing it but the hull has some significant errors. The chines running from the bow to mid ship are missing and recreating then is very time consuming plus the hull depth off (especially the quartedeck). The rear funnels are the wrong shape and way too thick, the main mast bears little resemblance to the real thing and has to be replaced plus the Bridge needs attention. If you are up for a major kit bash, and some hours spare, it can be made into a very good likeness and using some aftermarket photo eched parts (White Ensign) and some scratch built items I was happy with the result.
While this might sound a little critical, its not meant to be as its great that someone has made the effort to produce a model of what is in effect a prototype even if it needs a bit of work.
I think this product is very good, however there are some problems of it
from on 18/06/2015
This model kits is very good, however there are some problems of it. There are some mistake of the windows of the bridge. In addition to this problem, The HMS Bristol model is a very good model kit.

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